Self Build Pool Kits

Personalised to suit your project & budget.


OPAL Self Build Pool kit includes ...

• Plumbing pack
• Filtration Pack Pool
• Maintenance Pack
• 9” Copings Pack
• Liner: 30 thou thickness liner
Self Build Outdoor Pool
Self Build Pools

Consultancy Service

  • STAGES 1 OF 9Initial site visit to meet with customer, builder, designer and agree dig plan, plant layout, etc..
  • STAGES 2 OF 9If Roman end or internal corner steps chosen, we will position and affix these to the pool walls, ready for you to back fill (in stages).
  • STAGES 3 OF 9Position circulation fittings in the pool floor / wall , and plum in pipe work.
  • STAGES 4 OF 9Pressure test circulation lines from pool to plant roomto ensure they are sound, before customer backfills.
  • STAGES 5 OF 9(Indoor Pools) Install air ducting for environmental control system.
  • STAGES 6 OF 9Clean and prep pool then install underlay prior to fitting liner.
  • STAGES 7 OF 9Fit the liner using air suction pump to ensure a crease free finish, and a watertight seal.
  • STAGES 8 OF 9Fit other optional equipment chose by client. Such as counter flow machines and handrails.
  • STAGES 9 OF 9Position and plumb in plant room equipment to circulation and heating system.
  • FINISHEDOnce the pool is ready, it is commissioned with the client. We explain the best maintenance and chemical dosing procedures. We also demonstrate the pool equipment, and provide the client with a personalised swimming pool manual.

• Pool designed by you with our expert help.
• Benefit from our over 35 years experience.
• Pool built to SPATA standards.
• We install all pool equipment.
• You excavate, and construct pool.
• We oversee works and report to you.
• We commission completed project.

It comprises a minimum of four working days (not all in whole day units) which generally follow a 9 stage format.

Why use our consultancy service?

The consultancy allows the pool to be built to our professional SPATA standards, the builder can concentrate on standard construction, and the client saves money, in comparison to paying Oyster Pools for the entire project.