Sauna & Steam

Sasha Indoor Sauna Barrel Sauna

With a personal sauna you can enjoy health and relaxation in your own home - at a totally affordable price.

Our home-assembly kits make owning your own sauna easy and inexpensive,
so you can treat yourself to a luxury heat treatment without visiting a health spa or fitness club.
What's more, our home saunas are designed to fit the smallest of home spaces.

You'll be pleasantly surprised to find where you can fit yours.

Jacuzzi Spas
Jacuzzi Sasha™
£19,000 - £ 30,000
Jacuzzi Sasha
Barrel Saunas
£4,250 - £9,995
Barrel Saunas
Infrared Saunas
£935 - £2,350
Jacuzzi Designer Series
Crystal Saunas
£3,995 - £5,999
Crystal Design Saunas
Modern Sauna
Modern Sauna
Tylo Saunas
Tylo Saunas
£3,966 - £16,822
Tylo Saunas