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Profile is not just a hot tub, a “wellness machine” but it is also an unusual place. Distinguished by
clean-cut, square yet soft shapes that make it both gentle and rebellious, depending on how you
want to “experience” it… Its ambition is to help those who soak in it to escape from the daily
routine, to melt tensions away and help them to open up the way to their secret selves, to their
emotions. Fitted with a lounger, a surround stereo system with a sub woofer and a middle-tweeter, jets with stainless steel jet fittings, blowers with aromatherapy, adjustable-colour lighting, an ozonizer. For easier utilisation, a pressure-cartridge filtering system is provided. Profile: a complete solution for those who want to isolate themselves from everyone except for themselves.

Size 2.35m x 2.11m x 0.93m

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