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J-400 Jacuzzi Range
J-LX Jacuzzi Range
J-300 Jacuzzi Range
J-200 Jacuzzi Range
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Hot Tub Installation

Spa Installation

  Delivery & Commission
Delivery of your Spa (excluding use of a crane or hi-ab) and positioning into location. Commissioning - Professional instruction in the operation, chemicalisation & maintenance of your spa.
Does NOT include electrical

£125.00 - £500.00

Price range due to spa size & distance from Oyster Pools.

Cover Lifter

  Cover Lifter
Make removing and applying your spa cover simple with this popular piece of equipment.

J-200 & 300 & JLX      £285.00
J-400 series               £385.00

Extra filters

  Extra filters
Having an extra set, means there is no ‘Down Time’ when you can’t use your spa, every month.

J200 95 ft²                  £75.00
J200 50ft²                   £52.00
J300 60ft²                   £65.00
JLX                              £70.00
J400 75ft²                   £80.00
J400 40 ft²                  £42.50
J400 Small Sock          £18.50
J400 Large Sock          £36.00
Colorado 25ft²            £35.00


This sturdy metal hand rail swivels so it can be used to enter and exit the spa.

Recommended when extra support is needed!



Spa Side Umbrella

  Spa Side Umbrella
Spas weight holds in place
Grey anthracite frame, canopy colours,

Navy, Beige or Rust



  Paradise III Gazebo
Black shingle roof
19 mm thick solid wood roof
Pressure treated wood
Excludes floor garden furniture
and H anchor set
Overall: 3.80m x 3.80m
Interior: 2.80m x 2.80m
Fascia Height: 1.90m
Ridge Height: 2.90m


Paradise IV Gazebo

Base: 3.57m x 3.57m
Overall: 4.33m x 4.33m
Interior: 3.33m x 3.33m
Fascia Height: 2.04m
Ridge Height: 3.14m


Price includes home delivery




Jacuzzi® LED Synthetic Steps

  Jacuzzi® LED Synthetic Steps

32” Dual Risers

Driftwood, Chestnut and Teak


SmartStep 36”

  SmartStep 36”

In Grey or Brown


Jacuzzi® LED ProLight™ Plastic Step:

  LED ProLight™ Plastic Step
Features a bright LED light that plugs into spas lighting system. Jacuzzi logo on these Non-skid treads 32” Dual Risers

Driftwood, Chestnut and Teak


Handrail, storage step unit

  Handrail, storage step unit
Chestnut or Teak


Ozone Disinfection System

  Ozone Disinfection System
Allows you to enjoy a lower chemical level. Kills viruses and bacteria, for the piece of mind of an extra safe spa.



Non Chlorine / Bromine spa water sanitiser system. Once a week treatment.


NB: You will need OZONE when opting for a non-chlorine systems.

Jacuzzi® Dressing Gown

  Jacuzzi® Dressing Gown
Luxury 500g cotton will keep you warm on your way to and from the hot tub.


Towel Slippers.

pair £5.00


Spa Caddy

  Spa Caddy
Once attached to your spa this removable, table can rotate 360° to serve all your needs.


Floating Spa Bar

  Floating Spa Bar
One of our best sellers! No need to get out and dry off when you fancy a snack, as this 28" diameter inflatable spa caddy free floats in your spa or anchors onto the side using two water weighted stability chambers. Includes multiple food and drink sections and two carry handles. Great for parties!


All prices include VAT at 20%