Endless Pools™ Fastlane Pool

Endless Pools   Fastlane Pool Fastlane Wooden Fastlane Pool

Supply only

• Footprint: 3m x 4.42m x 1.22m
• Swim area: 2.44m x 3.96m x 1.12m
• Water capacity: 9,800 litres
• Powder-coated steel framework
• Rugged 60 mil reinforced membrane
• Circulating pump
• Cartridge type filter
• 5 HP swim current generator
• Elec Spec: 240v, 30 amp RCD x2
Endless Pools™ Fastlane Pool
Includes everything required to swim: arrives ready to assemble and fill quickly on any sound, level surface. It can be fitted indoors or outside, aboveground or can be fitted up to.